Every time litigation looms, the single greatest risk to involved parties is the fact there is information "out there" that counsel don't know.  Quaere experts uncover facts, analyze information and preserve evidence during every phase of litigation.  Through witness location, interviewing, preparation and protection; surveillance and covert operations; plaintiff, expert or juror intelligence we provide clients the information needed to win during litigation. 

Quaere leverages technological advancements allowing us to provide clients with multiple, cost-effective surveillance options including passive assets and remote real-time tracking.  We utilize a state of the art, cloud based, integrated case and document management system along with access to the latest, most comprehensive database research tools in the industry.  We own and frequently operate a series of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and members of our staff are FAA licensed UAV Pilots allowing for comprehensive aerial evidence documentation of loss locations among other uses. We also maintain a comprehensive network of investigative and security experts across the nation and internationally, so where ever a case leads we can follow, gather, analyze and deliver the Answers clients need.


Quaere's expertise allows clients and their counsel to make informed business and litigation decisions in a cost-effective manner.  In collaboration with counsel, our experts identify, gather, analyze and deliver the information necessary to make these informed decisions.  This information comes in many forms, not the lease of which is eyewitness testimony.  Our experts have had unparalleled success in identifying, locating and obtaining information from reluctant witnesses, often times leading to case changing results.

At Quaere, Inc. we believe our client's questions are paramount and our experts possess the intelligence, innovation, dedication and integrity to provide the answers our clients need.  Inquisitive thinking, our passion for answers and practical solutions for our clients, guide all we do.  Learn more about our practice areas and the services we provide: