Quaere, Inc. provides comprehensive litigation support services for all our clients including process service, witness preparation and management, trial exhibit services, trial venue management (war rooms), witness and juror intelligence as well as mock jury operational management and coordination.

  • Service of Process - our personnel are licensed private investigators and California law provides an exemption from being a "registered process server" allowing our personnel to legally complete service.  While we can, and frequently do, complete routine service we are known for our exceptional ability to locate and complete service of difficult to find or openly evasive subjects.

  • Witness Preparation & Management - our experts routinely assist trial counsel in locating, contacting, interviewing, preparing and managing witnesses throughout the litigation process.  Often, lay witnesses are leery of attorneys and having one of our experts available to break down the legalese puts witnesses at ease and provides confidence for court testimony.

  • Asset Searches - we assist counsel in evaluating the value of litigation by determining the true worth of person(s) and business entities who may be the target of proposed litigation.  Our experts are extremely well-versed with the complex legal requirements governing these types of investigations and we can provide detailed insight into completing such investigations in anticipation of or during litigation.

  • Trial Venue Management - from hotel reservations, equipment rental needs, to complete set-up of war rooms, our expert staff can take care of all your arrangements in preparation for trial.

  • Exhibit / Exemplar Services - our personnel are adept at locating and/or coordinating the manufacture of trial exhibits and exemplars, particularly vehicular and component part exemplars.