What is Intellectual Property Protection?

It’s the strategic and legal measures a company takes to prevent unauthorized third-parties from flooding the online global marketplace with inferior copies of its branded goods, a.k.a. counterfeit goods.

Counterfeit manufacturing occurs worldwide with China and other Asian countries serving as the most popular locations for counterfeiters. Not surprising, the internet is the preferred channel for counterfeit good distribution, making it easy for unauthorized third-parties to jeopardize the honest efforts of brand manufacturers worldwide.

Whether you are a small or large brand manufacturer, you need an effective means (i.e. counterfeit enforcement program) for protecting your goods.

  • Quaere, Inc's. Brand Protection team has been successfully working with law enforcement agencies and investigators worldwide to reduce counterfeit products.

  • We have the counterfeit enforcement tools and intellectual knowledge to track down and pinpoint counterfeit operations.

  • Our team of experts can develop an affordable, effective and efficient program to manage your brand and products from the threat of counterfeiting.