Get to know who are you are dealing with before you engage a new partner or select a final candidate for senior-level positions of trust and authority.  Uncover timely and critical information before proceeding with key investments, strategic partnerships or corporate disputes.  From basic background screening to reputational  profiling, Quaere helps clients know who they are dealing with before the deal is done.  We also "get the dirt" on plaintiff's in litigation to verify representations in interrogatories, requests for admission and during deposition testimony.  Completing a detailed background on each plaintiff in litigation is a valuable tool for early case evaluation and settlement discussions.


We offer several proprietary products as stand alone services or as part of our comprehensive investigations.  Our experts gather, verify, analyze and synthesize multiple data points into concise, easy to use, cost-effective reports which provide valuable insight for clients across a number of different disciplines.  We currently offer the following research products for our clients.

Quaere Profile Report™ (QPR™)    

When you need to know the history of a plaintiff or witness this is the report for you. Provide us with the subject’s full name and DOB or address or SSN and we will search, verify and synthesize from five to thirty-five data points on your subject.  Fully client customizable this report is a value added tool for determining case strategy.  Data point choices include name(s) searched, aliases, SSN w/ verification, associated addresses, associated telephone numbers, associated email addresses, real property ownership, voter registration, vehicle registrations, other assets, professional licenses, current/former employers, corporations, LLC, LLP, liens, judgments, UCC filings, Federal court cases in civil, criminal & bankruptcy, State court cases in civil & criminal courts, workers compensation litigation and several others.

Quaere Business Report™ (QBR™) 

Similar to the QPR™ this report synthesizes extensive company information into a single, easy to use document. Fully customizable this report can verify from five to fifty-five data points relating to a company.  

Quaere Juror Report™ (QJR™) 

We offer two types of juror intelligence products, limited or comprehensive Quaere Juror Report™.  The limited QJR™ provides 17 data points designed for use in screening large numbers of potential jurors (up to 300 in 12 hours). The comprehensive version of the report expands on the limited format into a client customizable reporting format aimed at verifying voir dire responses, social media posts and up to 45 additional data points.  Includes individualized juror reports containing Juror Number, Juror Name, all names researched, identity information with DOB/age/SSN (if available), counties searched, associated addresses & telephone numbers, real property ownership, additional assets (watercraft/mobile homes), corporations, LLC, LLP, voter registration (where legally available), liens, judgments, UCC filings and professional licensing.  The limited report can be customized (additional fees apply) to add litigation research in neighboring counties, SSN verification, email addresses, current/former employers, workers compensation verification, CA driver history, Quaere Social Media™ Report and/or monitoring.

The Comprehensive QJR™ includes all information in our Limited plus litigation searches in 6 neighboring jurisdictions, social media activity and up to 45 additional data points, customized by the client, for each juror.  The product is designed to identify potential conflicts of interest, verify the truthfulness of voir dire responses, identify social media usage and monitor for trial related posts, among others.  

Quaere Expert Report™ (QER™):  

 When preparing for an expert deposition or trial testimony this is the report, you need. Searching five to 45 client determined data points our experts frequently uncover valuable impeachment information.  This report can include degree verification, testimony transcripts, vehicle ownership, personal litigation information, business information and several others.

Quaere Social Media™ (QSM™):    

 From monitoring media channels for brand image and reputation or loss occurrence notifications to identifying media reports and social media activity of litigants, jurors, experts or witnesses this product provides a complete picture in a single document. We also offer social media monitoring plans by the monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Other Products Available:

Address Breaks; Anonymous Domain Ownership Detail; Authorized Credit Reports; Bank Asset Searches; Business Credit Reports; Cellular Telephone Research; Landline Telephone Research; Email Breaks; Employment History Search; FEIN Search; IP Address Research; Phone Number Breaks; PO Box Information; SSN Trace & Verification; Worker's Compensation Claims Activity Searches and many others.